The Bardeuri Samaj

The Bardeuri Samaj consitisting of the adult male members belonging to four families of Bardeuries namely Burha Bardeuri, Deka Bardeuri, Hota and Bidhipathak ; has the customery right for running the religious as well as secular management of Kamakhya Devalaya through the elected representatives i.e. the Doloi(s). In August 2015, the Bardeuri Samaj took over the charge for the administration of the Devalaya from the Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup Metropolitan District(as per verdict given by the Supreme Court of India on 7th of July, 2015 in Civil Appeal Nos. 3276-3278 of 2013). The total member strength of the Bardeuri Samaj is about 460.

The Bardeuri Samaj has dedicated itself to serving pilgrims who visit the holy shrine of Maa Kamakhya and trying wholeheartedly to make improvement in the facilities provided to them in order to make their visit - a unique and rewarding spiritual experience. It is also working towards preserving the serenity and sanctity of the sacred place.