Durga Puja

Durga Puja

Durga Puja is one of the major festivals of Kamakhya and the whole place is seen in a festive mood. The celebration is quite different from other places. In the Kamakhya Temple, it is observed for a fortnight (Paksha) beginning with Krishna Navami and ending with Sukla Navami of Aswina, hence also called the Pakhua Puja. The puja is performed in unique way with rituals like Mahasnan or the ritualistic bath of the deity (Pithasthan) with Panchagarva, Bali or sacrifice of buffaloes, goats, pigeons, fishes, gourds, pumpkins and sugarcanes.

Kumari Puja

Kumari Puja or the Virgin Worship forms an integral part of almost all the major pujas performed here, more so in Durga Puja. In this puja, a virgin girl (Kumari) is worshipped as a manifestation of the Goddess Kamakhya after being beautifully decorated with new red sari, garlands, sindur, jewellary, perfumes etc.

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